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Design Guidance For The Repair and Replacement Of Windows In Listed Buildings And Properties In Conservation Area

With traditional windows or windows in a listed building, replacement should only be considered as the last resort. It is always best to try and repair these windows, retaining the original features or windows. This will help to retain the expected appearance of the building. Competent competent window repair work can help you retain the home you are proud of without the cost of replacement. It is possible to repair windows while complying with all listed building/conservation area guidelines, which is what we offer.

We believe that many windows in listed buildings and conservation areas have been replaced when they could’ve been retained. Our experience with windows enables us to make a more informed judgment on what can be done with a window.

Repairing windows can maintain the standard of your home

Repairing existing windows can often be the most cost effective solution to resolving any window issues you have but with listed buildings, there is something more at stake. Your home has a character and style which should be maintained as best as possible. At Limited Window Refurbishment, we focus on maintaining the condition of your home and the appearance of your windows.

Window Repair

To be confident your windows will be looked after properly, choose a window repair firm you can trust. Our experience in dealing with windows in conservation areas and in listed buildings helps us help you.

We understand the importance of the look and feel of your windows and you can be confident that we will do everything we can to repair your windows when you are in a listed building or conservation area.

We are fully compliant with window repair regulations

Listed Window Refurbishment fully comply with design guidance for the repair and replacement of windows in listed buildings and properties in conservations areas. Our team has considerable experience in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Stirling. These are three cities where traditional buildings make up so much of the housing stock for the population. We know the rules and regulations concerning the repair or replacement of these windows so for peace of mind, choose Listed Window Refurbishment.

Below you will find further information about design guidance for the repair and replacement of windows in listed buildings and properties in conservations areas. If you would have any questions or queries, please get in touch with Listed Window Refurbishment.

Our contact phone numbers are listed on the page and we aim to help you as quickly as we can. Glasgow, Stirling and Edinburgh boast of many stylish traditional buildings and we aim to keep them in fantastic condition.

For the best level of window repair and replacement service for listed buildings, be sure to get in touch with Listed Window Refurbishment.



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