Timber Casement Windows

Timber casement windows are one of the many popular frame types available to choose from. We provide a range of frame types, including and sash, tilt and turn, and of course listed, but timber casement window frames are a great choice.

You will find this style of window opens outward, with many people comparing timber casement windows to a door. With hinges on either side of the frame, usually enabled through a cranking system, this is a window which looks great, but which is also convenient.

Benefits of timber casement windows

You have plenty of options to consider when changing the windows of your home, so what makes timber casement windows a suitable choice? We like to think there are many benefits of this style of window, including:

Timber casement windows don’t need much maintenance work

With some windows, you need to spend a lot of time and effort in ensuring they look great, and are well protected. This isn’t the case with timber casement windows.

Thanks to the way these windows open, it is possible to clean the external window pane from inside your home. This is safe and extremely convenient for you. No matter the weather, or the time of day or night, you can open the window, and clean to your hearts content.

You don’t need any special cleaning materials, all you need is a cloth and warm water. We know our clients take immense pride in the standard of their home, and your windows play a massive role in this. We are pleased to say timber casement windows help you present your house in the best manner.

Timber casement frames are high efficient

When it comes to energy-efficiency, these frames are second to none. There isn’t a track for them to slide up and down, which is an immediate benefit over sash windows. As these windows provide you with a tighter seal when they are fully shut and locked, you can significantly reduce heat and energy loss from your home.

You will also find the timber frames are highly effective in insulating your home. If you have upgraded to double or triple glazing, you can significantly reduce your energy bills. We know investing in your windows is often a major expense, but there are fantastic short and long-term returns on offer.

Timber casement windows help ventilate your home

While it is important to insulate your home, we know how vital it is to ventilate your home at times. It may not seem as though we enjoy many warm days in central Scotland, but when they come, it is natural to make the most of them.

Timer casement window frames are ideal in ventilating your house, as they can be easily pushed open. You are in full control of how open your windows are, so whether you want to create a small gap or you are keen to open your windows as wide as you can, you have the option.

If you would like to discuss the benefits of timber casement windows, contact us today.