Window Refurbishment

Window Refurbishment

You don’t always need a new timber manufactured window; there are other options available to choose from. At Listed Window Refurbishment, we offer a wide range of window refurbishment services. Every job is unique, but we are sure that we will have an affordable and effective solution for your issue.

The most cost effective listed window refurbishment option is restoring your existing windows. This is an area of work we specialise in. We’re delighted to say we’ve restored Sash/Victorian/Box sash/Sliding sash windows all across the Scottish central belt. For the best listed window refurbishment in Edinburgh, Glasgow or Stirling, contact Listed Window Refurbishment.

It is important to bear in mind that many sash and case windows were manufactured from durable timber. Whenever possible, we aim to restore the original joinery as opposed to replacing it.

Choose from a range of window refurbishment services

Services included in a standard refurbishment project include:
Pointing, block out in lime mortar and the re-point with red sand and boiled linseed oil mastic
Installation of new baton rods
Adding a parting bead which includes a draught proof system
Fitting new brass Brighton fasteners
Simplex fittings
Installing new sash cords
Preparing windows for painting and applying a range of coats

Listed Window Refurbishment also undertakes a lot of work to address rotting sills. Rotten window sills are a very common problem but it can be rectified quickly and effectively. Our trained technicians will remove the rotting sill and replace this with a new treated red pine sill. We will also add pulley style at each side.

In occasions, we may need to work on the existing sashes. Listed Window Refurbishment is happy to repair existing sashes or manufacture and install a new red pine sash.

Another common area of work for us in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Stirling is dealing with broken or cracked glass. If you need help in resolving these problems, please get in touch.

Glasgow customers should call us on 0141 556 3327
Edinburgh customers should call us on 0131 224 0082
Stirling customers should call us on 01786 290013

Window Refurbishment

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