Cords & Weights

Cords & weights

It’s not uncommon for cords & weights to have suffered from wear and tear over the years. It may be that your cords require replacing to maintain the condition of your windows.

At Listed Window Refurbishment, we consider replacing cords to be a standard aspect of our window refurbishment work. Most window sashes have been counterweighted which therefore allows them to be operated easily.

Window sashes are hung on cords and these are then passed over pulleys. The cords are connected to weights which are concealed within weight boxes and also within hollow sides of the case.

We provide you with the best range of cords & weights

For heavier windows, chains can be used as an alternative to cords, therefore providing a robust and reliable option. If you have chains, they can be retained or they can be switched over to cords. You can also rely on Listed Window Refurbishment to install new sash cords that match your existing diameter. This will ensure that your new cords will not snag on the pulley, so you will benefit in the short and long term.

We utilise cotton cord, which has already been pre-stretched and then impregnated with wax. This helps to minimise the risk of rot and allows the cord to run smoothly. After we have attached the sash cords we manoeuver the cords into position and ensure they work effectively.

The standard of your cords & weights can improve your home, therefore, contact Listed Window Refurbishments to care for your home. We are delighted to say that we provide a focused and tailored service for clients in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Stirling.

cords & weights

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