Here at Listed Window Refurbishment we employ our own qualified painters.

As everyone is aware painting is 90% preparation and 10% perspiration!!!

We have the advantage of having access to the window components due to the fact that we have stripped the window out to carry out refurbishment.

Thus allowing us to place the sashes (sliding sections of windows) on to trestles and prepare the sashes properly i.e.

  • rub down, sand and fill
  • repair putty lines
  • apply coat  dustcoat
  • apply undercoat
  • apply gloss

Listed Window Refurbishment endeavour to always use the best materials available, in the case of paintwork we use a micropourous external paint – with up to 14 year life span.

Because the paint is micropourous and expands and extracts with the window and the pointing we are able to paint right out to the pointing line, this achieves nice, clean straight lines.

If our customer wishes to have internal painting carried out this can also be arranged to match (or as close as) existing paint colouring and finish.

In the case of new windows being manufactured, the windows will leave our premises fully painted and once fitted our painter will come and apply one final coat to ensure a first class finish.

Specifications of materials are available on request.