Security Locks

Listed Window Refurbishment can also add extra security to your sash windows.

There are many locks for sash windows available on the market.  However, there are three types widely used.

Push Button – Key Release

These are fitted on the top of the lower sash and are easy to operate.

Push the button for locking and release with one turn of a key.

The lock is very substantial and would be a good deterrent for any would-be burglar.

Weeks Lock

This lock allows the window to open 3-4 inches either up or down which is ideal for secure ventilation.

In the case of customers with children or pets it provides ventilation without the worry of accidents.

Sash Bolts

The least expensive form of window locks security.

This operates by two bolts that are fitted through top rail of the bottom sash and the lower rail of the top sash.

These bolts can be secured or opened by using an align key.

Very effective but takes time to secure and open.

Having key operated locks on your windows may reduce your house insurance premiums with some companies.