Simplex Fittings

Simplex fittings are not a new invention.

They have been around for over a hundred years.

Simplex Fittings

Listed Window Refurbishment endeavour to fit the best material available  i.e brass, whenever possible (we can have the brass work chromed if required).

Simplex is a system that allows the lower sash to swing in easily to allow cleaning and future maintenance and should be fitted to all windows above ground floor.

Most people don’t realise that the windows do swing in for cleaning and future maintenance i.e broken glass, external painting, pointing etc

These fittings are required by Scottish law for new builds.

As all 1st floor and above windows have to be able to open inwards for safe cleaning to conform to building regulations.

We can retro fit these to any sash windows.

The top sash does not swing inward.

It is trapped between the window’s outside facing and parting bead.

It can however slide down the whole length of the opening.

Simplex Fittings